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Beit al Kamar is a newly-renovated 17th Century traditional Damascus villa centrally located within the bustling corridors of the Old City of Damascus. Nestled within the heart of Quemarieh between the Omayyad Mosque, Bab Touma churches, roman ruins, and various artisan and craftsman ateliers; this residence provides an elegant and inspiring sanctuary for fellow artists and seasoned travelers.

Location and Neighborhood:

Quaimarieh is a picturesque neighborhood composed of cobblestone alleyways and corridors hidden amidst the ancient city walls. This area features a mélange of local folklore as the streets are lined with shops that boast lavish textiles, hand-blown bohemian glass, traditional crafts, and Bedouin jewelry. Stone oven bakeries, sweetshops, fresh juice vendors, and open-air restaurants provide travelers with the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

The building:

Beit Al Kamar is a traditional 2 story villa with a central open courtyard and fountain. All the rooms overlook the courtyard tiled with Marble Mosaics. The ground floor is primarily for lounging and entertaining as it provides guests with a spacious stone and Marble guest room,  an outdoor lounge area beneath a domed rooftop (the Liwan in Arabic), an intimate living room, and a sleek gourmet kitchen and dining room which feature a three story skylight and view to the outside courtyard.  All rooms are air conditioned.

 The second floor features three private and secluded bedrooms and two bathrooms. The rooms are connected by narrow balconies and marble hallways which face the open courtyard and lead to a fourth floor terrace which provides a full rooftop view of  Damascus. 


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