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Master bedroom skeleton of our back wall. Closet was added on in the last 70 years or so.

Damascus Mother of pearl traditional closet. Designed by the Kahwajis for the master bedroom

January 2006 trip to Damascus. Gihad, Abu Amar and Abid the newlywed. Brain storming about the courtyard stone.

6th trip to Damascus, Jasmine's bedroom windows are ready to be carried down Kaimarieh to our house to be instaled.

jasmine came form Beirut to choose her bedroom furniture with Salem one of the carpenter brothers

We found the carpentry studio becasue we liked the car they were building. These artist think out of the box.

Kahwaji walnut carved beds stocked in size double but can be custom ordered. Stocke from a hotel project that fell through.

Kahwagi walnut and hickory. All wood in Shami House restaurant is the talented work of Abu Ammar (Yasser)

Mr Kahwaji senior started the carpentry studio around 1950. All four sons work in there. Our kitchen ceiling wood.

Kahwaji dinning charirs and Ceiling. Beit Shami Restaurant. Mother of pearl is bought by the Kilo form the Phillipines.

Wood from Mr Kahwaji's yard on our ceiling with Abid the once book keeper on a cold winter day. These cross timbers will be left exposed.

Azem Palace photo of the women's living room. This second ceiling is called a borrowed one.

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