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Digging up the courtyard looking for exotic Mamluk marble motifs but none is found. Old lattice black/white tile floor appears beneath.

Ceiling collapsing over my head. Water is leaking in

Syrian Engineer Amer Shishiklee. We met in the Jewish quarter while he was finishing Talisman, a man that can get a renovation permits moving fast.

Abu Ammar gets the crew to start stripping the wall, I am praying for a Mamluk era wall or two. Maybe some Roman stones.

Old stone peaking out as the old plaster is peeled off.

In ten minutes flat one hundred years of layered plaster was forked off and the sand stone Mamluk decoration comes out to see the light

Old Doctor Jajeh Clinic with 1960's nylon cotton curtains. All the rooms face a courtyard fountain

More sand stone art tile in the courtyard laced with black stone.

We are happy to find the black-basalt stone still in there after all these years. Colors on the window represent Syrian Flag

Abandoned sky light on second landing. Fuel barrels stair Giahd in the face.

Allam, my brother looking for treasures in loose stones in the wall, even if something was found I was too late.

Second floor roof top befroe the terrace was renovated


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