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Negotiating the fountain price. Hamed our sourcing expert leads the group. Abu Ammar is always on the phone.

One of the three (Ankad) in Damascus. This is where the real shopping takes place. But you need an introduction and a healthy budjet!!

Stone and marble that goes back 100-1400 years.

Complete walls removed out of old homes by ďEntrepreneurs". Donít ask & donít tell, this is the black market for house renovation at it's best.

Complete fountains from the past 1000 years, in all shapes and sizes. New ones can be bought for a fraction of the price and just as good too.

Our fountain is a Tnasharieh, a twelver in Arabic. It is about 400 years old and of course Mazawi yellow/pink stone carved out of the hills of Mezzeh

It takes five men and a woman to buy one fountain. The stone mason Abu Allaa approves, even though I cant tell heads form tails.

The posse enters another Ankad yard. More stone and more goodies. I am left behind avoiding wild chickens and holding the camera

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