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2nd floor winter living room above arch. Picture taken form second landing of staircase, once a make shift kitchen-bathroom by old owners

2nd floor walkway to 3rd bedroom. Wood fittings for Jasmine room under 3rd floor Tayarh room newly renovated before it was taken down

View of 3rd floor, 2nd, and 3rd floor which rest on the first floor made of solid stone. Roof must stay light and flat.

My old kitchen ceiling stacked on the floor awaiting Maktab Anbar approval of building permit

Main wall holding up 2nd floor. Width one meter high 5 meters. Iron scuffling is carried in by bicycle and assembled. Three towers in all.

Gihad photographed with all the old plaster soon to be stuffed into bags and carried off to a landfill.

Wall we share with one of our seven neighbors. It will be stripped and repaired before it is rebuilt in Mamluk style stone once again.

Abu Husain and the daily crew pose for my camera. Light weight bricks are approved by our "Simple Permit" and we are renovating the second floor now.

Jacob my nephew visiting form Arkansas in front of the original Tayarah Room on the flat roof top of the old Damascene house.

Entrance to nowhere! the room was gifted to the school next door or maybe the previous owner sold it to settle a debt.

What did we get ourselves into!?

2nd floor of primary school next door as seen form our third terrace

3rd floor and terrace. Did someone call the plumber? Abu Tawfiek

Electrician Abu Adnan with his side kick and Gihad to the left at the entry way outside the house inspecting the beetle looking light fixtures.

Choosing glass fixtures for the umpteen hanging lamps with Jasmine to my left and May, on the right. Glass is only blown in one color at a time.

Abu Ahmad reconfiguring my commissioned Ishani tiles for the narrow blue bathroom mirror frame.


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