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stage 2 Ablaq stone design

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stage 2 Ablaq stone design
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Abu Allaa' the stone mason 12/2005 stage two. San Francisco to Damascus

Courtyard stone arches starting to take shape. Ablaq design walls.

Traditional Damacene wall. Black, white and yellow stone stirped. Fatahiah mosque. Kaymarieh area.

Abu Alla' brother finishing the key hole motif on the arch.

September 2006. Our courtyard retoration by Abu Allaa' from the city of Tell.

January 2006. First meeting with stone mason.

A grave stone in the stone yard. It belongs to a man. The pedestal is made out of Mazawi, a yellow/pink stone we must find for the floors of the house

We find Heibani stone (with stomach) or called pointed, ready in the yard.

Seasame stone and Haibani for the kitchen

Looking for stone in 40C degree weather. Not fun

Haibani Stone Pointed Style. For the dinning room walls

Mr Salhani talking Abu Ammar's head off.



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